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Gordon Jones of the Atlanta History Museum interviewed Len Traynor several months ago. The YouTube video is below. Leonard Traynor is a Fellow of the Company of Military Historians and Honorary Life Member of the American Civil War Round Table (NSW Chapter)


The Southwest Chapter of the Company of Military Historians March 26, 2022 The Southwest Chapter of the Company of Military Historians had their first face-to-face meeting since 2021. This meeting was held at Company members Ed and Patty Cot.

Photo1 John Woodland discussing Mills

Photo2 Capt. Rufus Smith 2nd Mass

Photo3 Steve Fowler, John Bertram, Earl Robinson, Joseph Musso

Photo4 3-inch Ordnance Gun

Photo5 Joseph Musso and Cisco Lopez

Photo6 Joseph Musso and Mark Kasal


Miller Award for 2017 Bob Kotchian

US Cavalry from 1914 to 1917

Mexican Border Service 1916 by Bob Kotchian

The 2017 Miller Award display by Robert L Kotchian, focuses on the US Cavalry from 1914 to 1917 while serving along the US/Mexican border and during the Punitive Expedition into Mexico searching for Pancho Villa.  The mannequin display shows the basic field uniform and equipment as worn by the US Cavalry on the Mexican border. The distinctive uniform item in this display is the original Patten 1911 Sweater. During the Punitive Expedition, the uniform sweater was not warm enough given the high elevations in Mexico. The goggles and the bandanna are not regulation but given the weather extremes these two items were purchased by most troopers. During the same period photo postcards not only document the fighting but also detail the uniforms, weapons and equipment used by both the Mexican Revolutionaries and the US troops.  The photos also show new technologies that were tested and used by the US military such as machine guns airplanes, wireless communications and motorized trucks. 

Mexican Border Service 1916 Display