Military Collector & Historian – The Company Journal

Company Members receive a quarterly publication called The Military Collector & Historian (familiarly known as the Company Journal). The Journal is professional in content and is profusely illustrated. Its richly annotated articles cover such subjects as weapons, accouterments, uniforms, materiel, and colors and standards. They also include information on military organization, unit history, military art and artists, recently published books and other publications, and the activities of the society and its members.

A comprehensive online index of the journal and colored plates is available here. Searches produce a list of citations, which may be printed by using your browser’s print button. A complete listing of tables of contents and the availability of back issues of the Journal is available here.

Complete sample issues of the Journal are available Issue 58 (3), Fall 2006 and Issue 62 (1), Spring 2010

Sample Articles from Previous Issues
Preparing a British Unit for Service in America (1776)A Survey of Confederate Central Government Quartermaster Issue JacketsThe Army’s Last Set of Confusing Chevrons
The USMC 1941 Pack SystemCombat Motorcycle HelmetsFive Star Insignia: General of the Army/Admiral of the Fleet
World War 1 Corpsman UniformExecutive Flight Detachment UniformsChilean Military Expeditions, 19th Century to the Present