November 2019 Meeting

The Jefferson Barracks Chapter of the Company of Military Historians was
called to order by President Paul Rosewitz at 7:00 p.m. on November 4,
2019, in the meeting in the visitors’ center at Jefferson Barracks County
Park in south St. Louis County, MO.
The following members were present: Paul Rosewitz. President; Randy
Baehr, vice president; Pat Baehr, secretary; Walt Davis, Ed Eller, Barb
Eller, Maggie Grothe, Doug Harding, Charles Hoskins, Mike Venso, and
twelve guests.
Paul welcomed everyone to the meeting.

Paul told everyone about the Annual meeting of the Company of Military
Historians coming up in April. He told a bit about it and that early
registration is open and available online. We had flyers telling how to go
about registering.

Paul gave a brief overview of the upcoming programs December 2, our
Holiday Party and company elections at C. J. Muggs restaurant in Webster
Groves, MO.
Mike Venso, who is with the Soldiers Memorial Military Museum talked
about the upcoming Veterans’ Day events including the Parade on
Saturday. He had flyers for those events and another recruiting volunteers
for the museum.
Paul then introduced our speaker for the evening John Samson, board
member with the Ulysses S. Grant Association to talk about U. S. Grant
and his time in Missouri.
The meeting ended at 7:08.