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Membership in the Company is open to individuals and families who have demonstrated a keen interest in some phase of military history. There are no requirements concerning sex, race, color, nationality, ethnic background, prior military service, or political affiliation. The main qualification is a strong desire to share one’s knowledge and expertise.

Membership is inclusive of both professionals and amateurs in the field of American military history. On the rolls are not only historians, artists, writers, curators, librarians, teachers, and researchers, but people from virtually every walk of life. Among members are serious collectors of all sorts of militaria: uniforms, accouterments, weapons, equipage, military miniatures, and ephemera, to name just a few.

The different membership categories and subscription options are listed on the payment pages linked above. Ultimately you will be turned over to PayPal and have the option of paying via credit card or in a foreign currency. Your personal information will be collected on the PayPal screens. Because postal rates to locations outside the United States exceed those of US rates, we have a dual-rate structure to recapture the overseas postage from our overseas members.

Members receive, free of charge and financed by dues, a quarterly publication, Military Collector & Historian (the Company Journal). To view some sample articles click here. The Journal is professional in content and is profusely illustrated. Its richly annotated articles cover such subjects as weapons, accouterments, uniforms, matérial, and colors and standards. They also include information on military organization, unit history, military art and artists, and the activities of the Company and its members.

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