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Latest Chapter News:

A Survey of American Early Republic FlintLock Pistols 1780-1819

John Thillmann at the NRA museum

Early Republic FlintLock Pistols 1780-1819

The Chesapeake Chapter had a meeting at the NRA headquarters on Saturday Jan. 15th where the topic focused on among others…. Harpers Ferry, Simeon North, Derringer, Henry, Evans and Springfield flintlock pistols.  These guns and manufacturers played an important role in the early years of the Republic……  Shays’ RebellionAugust 29, 1786 – February 1787,  the Whiskey Rebellion1791–1794 the Northwest Indian War (1786–1795),  Quasi-War1798 to 1800, Fries’s Rebellion 1799 and 1800,  War of 1812,  1st Seminole War (1817-1818) and the numerous Indian wars and skirmishes between the various tribes and American settlers on the frontier.  We thanked John Thillmann, who did a fantastic job with this presentation on these early pistols. I’m sure members and guests enjoyed this informative lecture. We also thanked Philip Schreier (NRA museum curator) who is also a Chapter member, for the use of their wonderful facility / auditorium.

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Kenneth Smith-Christmas at the NRA museum

On Saturday Nov. 6thKenneth Smith-Christmas presented  his research on the “Frankenstein-Spencer” rifle from the Fenian Raids against Canada. It was damaged during the battle of Ridgeway and repaired by the armorer of the Canadian’s Queens Own.
Although attendance was light, it was great to have a Company of Military Historians Chesapeake Chapter meeting in person after a hiatus of a year and a half. President Alan Boyd addressing the members.
Afterwards, Chapter members (Mike Osborne, Alan Boyd, John Thillmann, Dirk Salverian and Ron Steele) treated Kenneth to lunch at the nearby Cheese Cake Factory.

Thanks Kenneth and also thanks to Philip Schreier for hosting us in a fabulous auditorium at the NRA headquarters in Fairfax VA

On Saturday September 25th, 2021

Open House 2021 | Americans in Wartime Experience

Military Tanks and Armored Vehicles | K9 Demos |  Veteran Interviews | Living History Unit Displays and Reenactments | Historical Displays | Veteran Support Groups | Children’s Activities | Food Vendors | Flame Thrower Demos and More!

2021 Tank Farm Open House
Nokesville, Virginia
September 25 & 26
10am – 4pm Both Days

Chapter members had a very enjoyable day at the Tank Farm in Nokesville, Virginia.

Group pic of members

Tank pic1

Tank pic2

Tank pic3

Tank pic4

On August 21, the Chapter had its yearly Chapter picnic at Dave Harden’s house in Berkeley Springs, WVa click here to see photos of event.

Dave’s Presentation on “blades” at the picnic
Alan Boyd and Terry Thomann with the Green rifle

The Greene rifle was an American single shot underhammer breechloading bolt action rifle, designed by Lieutenant Colonel James Durrell Greene of the U.S. Army. The Greene rifle was the first bolt-action rifle adopted by the United States Army, and saw use during the American Civil War


On Saturday July 24th 2021 we had a very enjoyable event at the new U.S. Army Museum (Fort Belvoir). Chesapeake Chapter member John Dowdle was there and he took the group around to certain highlights as a tour docent, which he will begin doing later on in the summer on a regular basis.

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1808 bayonet sling and cartridge box at the museum


MACA 2018 Early Sword display with members of Chesapeake Chapter members, George Franks, John Thillmann, Chris Grazzini, Mike Osborne, and Alan Boyd.

Sword Display 1

Sword Display 2

Sword Display 3

Past Chapter Meetings

2021 Princeton NJ National Meeting

PowerPoint Pictures of Meeting

International Military Antiques

Chesapeake’s July 24th Meeting /Event at Fort Belvoir Army Museum

Chesapeake’s February 13th 2021 meeting

Chesapeake’s February 28th 2021 Meeting

Current News:

At the Gettysburg April 2021 show, CMH Chapter members took three of the four show display awards:

Juanita Leisch-Jensen 1st Runner-up for her display of Uniforms titled Early and Ongoing Authenticity

Uniform Display

Jerry Roxbury 2nd Runner-up for display of swords titled Presentation and Presentation Grade Civil War Pattern 1852 Naval Officer Swords”

Naval Officer Swords:

Paul Johnson Judges Choice Award for his display of leather goods titled Cartridge Boxes for Union Carbines 1839-1865”

Union Carbine Boxes

Jim Brown won 1st prize with his display onVirginia Manufactory Swords“. Congratulations to all for outstanding displays!

Virginia Manufactory Swords