Military Uniforms in America: Uniform Plate Series

Military Uniforms in America

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The Company publishes and distributes a series of military prints, Military Uniforms in America, to members who wish to subscribe. 

Plate 84: 7th Regiment, New York National Guard, 1900-1904
Plate 765
Plate 765: Light Company, 24th Regt. of Foot, 1777
Plate 552: AEF Siberia, 1920

These full-color prints executed by different member artists illustrate military dress relating to the American scene. As far as possible, the plates show items of material culture never illustrated before or not accurately depicted in the past. The greater part deals with units of the United States, both federal and state. They are a unique form of reference and are suitable for display. To amplify their usefulness, a single-page, footnoted text accompanies each plate and is published in the Journal. 

The series covers the uniforms of military units of all countries in the Americas serving at home and abroad, and units of other countries serving in this hemisphere, with a special emphasis on those of the United States. With over 800 plates to date, this continuing series represents the single most comprehensive documentation available on the subject.

The plates are researched and illustrated by Company members and are approved by a committee for accuracy before publication.  Artists who have contributed to the series include such prominent names as Frederick Chapman, Peter Copeland,  Herbert Knotel, Eugene Leliepvre, Eric Manders, H. Charles McBarron, Donna Neary,  Clyde Risley, and Don Troiani.