Company Prayer

Composed by LTG William Yarborough and COL George S. Pappas
Approved by the Board of Governors October 1975

The Company Prayer is read preceding the banquet by the President or his designee:

“O God, Thou searcher of men’s hearts, we ask Thy blessing upon the members of this Company here assembled. We thank Thee for the multiple gifts we have received at Your hands. Help us in our efforts to preserve the heritage we have received from our forefathers; and assist us in passing that heritage to those of a younger and new era. Endow us with the courage to speak freely and honestly, and to record accurately the events of this day and days long past. Kindle our hearts in fellowship with others of this Company. Help us in our work and in our play to keep always in mind those ideals and truths so essential to the attainment of the objectives of this Company. We ask a special blessing for those dear to us and for the members of The Company not here present. All of this we ask in Thy name. Amen”

A benediction may be given by the President at the conclusion of the banquet. While CMH has never formally adopted one, this benediction was introduced by President George S. Pappas in the 1970’s and has been used by various Presidents in the intervening years:

“The Lord watch between thee and me while we are absent one from the other.”