Electronic Editor (Webmaster) – Job Description

Selection Criteria: The Electronic Editor shall be elected by the Board of Governors and serves at their pleasure. Should an Electronic Editor resign or die, the Vice President for Publications will appoint an acting Electronic Editor who will serve as such until the next regular Board of Governors meeting.

Supervision: The Electronic Editor reports to the Vice President for Publications. Any decision made by the Vice President for Publications may be appealed directly to the President.


1. Appoint assistant editors and define their duties and titles as required. Any appointment or definition of duties may be overridden by the Board of Governors.

2. Maintain the CMH web page and associated areas such as members forum.

3. Provide current, accurate, and complete data to the Administrator and the Vice President for Publications allowing both to provide reports to the President and Board of Governors.

4. Provide notice of resignation six month in advance.

Time Commitment: The editor should be prepared to commit a minimum of forty hours per month to this position.