Editor – MUIA Plate Series

Selection Criteria: The Military Uniforms in America (MUIA) Editor shall be elected by the Board of Governors and serves at their pleasure. Should the MUIA Editor resign or die, the Vice President for Publications will appoint an acting MUIA Editor who will serve as such until the next regular Board of Governors meeting.

Supervision: The MUIA Editor reports to the Vice President for Publications. Any decision made by the Vice President for Publications may be appealed directly to the President.


1. Appoint assistant editors and define their duties and titles, as required. Any appointment or definition of duties may be overridden by the Board of Governors.

2. Oversee and work closely with artists and authors creating MUIA plates and strive to assign plate numbers no later than 1 October of the year preceding the publication of each annual series.

3. Coordinate and work with the Administrator, artists, and graphics editors(s) to insure that the required plates are available to MUIA subscribers annually.

4. Coordinate and work with the Electronics Editor in establishing a “Reserved List” of plate subjects to be posted on the CMH website, and ensuring that is accurate and current.

5. Edit MUIA plates and text.

6. Coordinate with the Journal Editor and the editor’s staff matters regarding publication of black and white versions of plates and texts to accompany plates in MC&H.

7. Provide current, accurate, and complete data to the Administrator and the Vice President for Publications allowing both to provide reports to the President and Board of Governors.

8. Answer queries received from members or referred from the President, Vice President for Publications, or Administrator. Maintain files of such correspondence and turn these files over to the Administrator at regular intervals, but as a minimum annually.

9. Secure signed copies of publications agreements from artists and text writers for each plate and plate text, signing two copies of each as Editor MUIA; one for the artist or text writer, and the other for the permanent CMH record. The MUIA Editor will forward all publications agreements signed by himself, artists, and text writers to the Administrator.

10. Provide notice of resignation six month in advance.

Time Commitment:
The editor should be prepared to spend a minimum of 10 hours per month on this position.