Vice-President – Administration

Selection Criteria: As established by By-Laws, Article Three, Section 2, the Vice President for Administration shall be elected by the Board of Governors to serve three years.

Supervision:  The Vice President for Administration receives direction from the President, in the absence of specific direction from the Board of Governors.


  1. Assume the office of President should he/she die, resign, or be unable to carry out his/her duties. 
  2. Attend all Board of Governors meetings. 
  3. Provide reports concerning all areas of responsibilities at Board of Governors meetings. 
  4. Recruit chairpersons to host annual meetings. 
  5. Recruit chairmen/women to host fall meetings, or act as host, whether a Fellows meeting or only a Board of Governor’s meeting when such meetings are to be conducted.
  6. Provide oversight and direction to annual meeting chairpersons. 
  7. Work with and support the Museum Committee. 
  8. Work with and advise the Administrator. This includes providing general policy guidance for the conduct of Company administrative activities, assisting in resolving any conflicts involving established business procedures used in the conduct of Company affairs and publications, and generally helping with all Company administrative activities. 
  9. Be a voting member of the Executive Committee. 
  10. Assist the Administrator at the annual meeting with the Miller Award, the silent auction, and the operation of the Sutler’s Store. 
  11. Answer letters received from members or referred from the President or Administrator concerning the responsibilities assigned to this position. Maintain files of such correspondence and turn these files over to the Administrator at regular intervals, but, as a minimum, within 2 months of completing each term in office. 
  12. Maintain liaison with chairpersons of all area chapters. Advise the President of the results. Communicate any member/chapter concerns to the Board of Governors and see that responses are forwarded to the appropriate parties. 
  13. Assist host group at annual meetings. 
  14. Perform additional duties as may be assigned by the President in the event that the Administrator is unable to perform his duties, or other duties as assigned by action of the Board of Governors.

Time Commitment: 

The vice president should be prepared to spend a minimum of ten hours per month on this position, as well as attend/participate in all scheduled Board of Governor’s Meetings at his/her own expense.

I fully understand and accept the responsibilities of this position.

 Signed: __________________________________________