Vice-President – Publications

Selection Criteria: As established by By-Laws, Article Three, Section 2, the Vice President for Publications shall be elected by the Board of Governors to serve three years. 

Supervision:  The Vice President for Publications receives direction from the President in the absence of specific direction from the Board of Governors. 


  1. Nominate to the Board of Governors, and provide direction to, the Journal Editor, MUIA Editor, and Electronic Editor. 
  2. In the event of the death, unexpected resignation, or incapacity of any editor, appoint an acting editor until approval of the Board of Governors may be obtained. 
  3. Provide reports concerning all areas of responsibility at Board of Governor meetings. 
  4. Brings issues to Board of Governors concerning all Company publications. This may include, but is not limited to, determining reasons for missing publication deadlines, issues with any or all of the various editorial staffs, and cooperation among the editorial staffs, the Administrator, the Treasurer and any other Company members. 
  5. Lead efforts to resolve problems and difficulties relating to Company publications. 
  6. Maintain liaison with all editors and assistant editors and through this act as a bridge among the editors and the Administrator regarding publications. 
  7. Be a voting member of the Executive Committee. 
  8. Answer letters received from members or referred from the President or Administrator concerning publications and other job responsibilities. Maintain files of such correspondence and turn these files over to the Administrator at regular intervals, but, as a minimum, within 2 months of completing each term in office. 
  9. Perform other duties as assigned by the President or by action of the Board of Governors. 

Time Commitment:

The vice president should be prepared to spend a minimum of ten hours per month on this position, as well as attend/participate in all scheduled Board of Governor’s Meetings at his/her own expense. 

I fully understand and accept the responsibilities of this position.

 Signed: __________________________________________