Secretary – Job Description

Selection Criteria: As established by By-Laws, Article Three, Section 2, the Secretary shall be elected by the Board of Governors to serve three years.

Supervision:  The Secretary reports to the President.


  1. Attend and accurately record detailed minutes at all Board of Governors meetings to fully reflect the Board’s transactions and distribute draft minutes to all Board of Governors members and officers within 30 days of the meeting’s end. 
  2. Present, for final correction and approval at the next following Board of Governors meeting, those draft minutes previously distributed and corrected under the first responsibility. Make corrections, additions, and deletions at the direction of the Board of Governors, and, within tens days of these corrections, present them to the Administrator for safekeeping. 
  3. Refer correspondence to the Administrator. 
  4. Recommend to the President, potential members of a committee to count ballots for Board of Governors membership and for By-Law Amendment elections. 
  5. Receive and collect ballots for Board of Governors and By-Law Amendment elections, and hold them securely until counted. These ballots are not to be opened, examined, or counted until witnessed by the Administrator and the President or his/her appointed representative(s). 
  6. On a day selected by the President, assist in counting ballots, and verify such count, for Board of Governors elections and By-Law Amendments. 
  7. Perform additional duties as may be assigned by the President in the event that the Administrator is unable to perform his duties.

The secretary should be prepared to spend a minimum of five hours per month on this position, as well as attend/participate in all scheduled Board of Governor’s Meetings at his/her own expense.

I fully understand and accept the responsibilities of this position.

 Signed: __________________________________________