Treasurer – Job Description

Selection Criteria: As established by By-Laws, Article Three, Section 2, the Treasurer shall be elected by the Board of Governors to serve three years. 

Supervision: The Treasurer reports to President for routine matters and carries out the direction of the Board of Governors. 


  1. Work with the Administrator and the President regarding fiscal matters. 
  2. Sign checks in place of the Administrator, as needed. Sign all checks payable to the Administrator and cosign with the Administrator or President all checks of $12,000.00 or greater. 
  3. Review all CMH accounts annually, including a balance sheet provided by the Administrator. 
  4. Review all audits. 
  5. Annually provide a report to the Board of Governors regarding the Company’s financial status. 
  6. Recommend to the Board of Governors when formal audits or financial reviews should be conducted. 
  7. Comment on budgets and financial matters brought before the Board of Governors. 
  8. Answer letters received from members or referred from the President or Administrator concerning financial transactions, CMH financial status, and others relating to job responsibilities. Maintain files of such correspondence and turn these files over to the Administrator at regular intervals, but, as a minimum, within 2 months of completing each term in office. 
  9. Should the Company appear to not be financially solvent, the Treasurer shall notify the President and Administrator immediately. 
  10. Provide advice on financial matters to the Executive Committee. 
  11. Be a voting member of the Executive Committee. 
  12. Work with the Administrator in obtaining all necessary financial documents and reports for the accountant to prepare the CMH tax return. If in the opinion of the Administrator a new accountant to prepare these taxes is required, work with the Administrator to obtain and select this replacement.
  13. Work with the Administrator to prepare an annual budget to be presented to the Board at the fall meeting. 
  14. Perform additional duties as may be assigned by the President in the event that the Administrator is unable to perform his duties.

Time Commitment:

The treasurer should be prepared to spend a minimum of 5 hours per month on this position, as well as attend/participate in all scheduled Board of Governor’s Meetings at his/her own expense.

I fully understand and accept the responsibilities of this position.