Company Administrator – Job Description

Selection Criteria:  As established by By-Laws, Article Three, Section 2, the Administrator shall be elected by the Board of Governors and serve at their pleasure.

Supervision: The Administrator is ultimately responsible to the Board of Governors.  When the Board of Governors is not in session the President, who may seek guidance from other officers and the Board of Governors, provides direction to the Administrator.


  1. Serve as assistant treasurer.
  2. Process membership applications and maintain current membership data base.
  3. Prepare, assemble, and mail annual renewal notices. Prepare and mail reminder notices in accordance with the instruction of the Board of Governors. Collect dues and handle routine financial matters, including paying bills. 
  4. Send nomination forms to those nominating candidates for the Board of Governors prepare and send acceptance forms to those candidates, and prepare biographical material to accompany the ballots sent to the membership annually.
  5. Prepare and send acceptance forms to officers selected by the Board of Governors.
  6. Handle routine correspondence. 
  7. Provide current, accurate, and complete reports to the Board of Governors and Company officers.  This will include reports to the Board of Governors at each of its meetings and membership data as may be requested/required by either the President or the VP for Membership.
  8. Attend Board of Governors meetings and at these meetings present reports and recommendations regarding efficient administration of the Company.
  9. Organize, maintain, and protect all records of the Company including, but not limited to, minutes of all board meetings, records of all members and subscribing institutions (past and present), financial statements and supporting documents, and back issues of the Journal and MUIA plates.
  10. Provide support to the Chairman of the CMH Awards Committee in verifying the information submitted in support of nominations, and assure that all necessary devices (i.e. medals, pins, etc.) and certificates are available for presentation at the Annual Meeting of the Company.
  11. Cooperate with the Treasurer in the preparation of the annual budget which is to be prepared for approval of the BOG at their fall meeting.
  12. Should the Company appear to not be financially solvent, the Administrator shall notify the Treasurer and President immediately. 
  13. Secure any items that may be presented to the Company for the annual CMH Raffles, have raffle tickets printed and sent to the membership. 
  14. Have CMH life membership raffle tickets printed and keep records of those members who have recruited new members
  15. Operate the Sutler’s Store and conduct the silent auction at the annual meeting. 

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